Need For Speed Heat money generator

The Need For Speed Heat money generator heat on PC, PS4, and Xbox One is an unnecessary “diversity” crossing-passage, with no right-hand white male characters you can play like, and constantly flashing the degenerating counterculture in the L.A. racing scene. Electronic arts and ghost games. However, you are cheating if you were one of the unlucky people to coin for the latest EA racing title Need For Speed Heat money generator.


  • Freeze Ai Vehicles
  • No Vehicle Damage
  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Unlimited Money

There are not many of them but it is enough to make a real impact on your gameplay finances and playtime.

Not to worry about the loss of vehicles means that you don’t need repairs and don’t have to worry about the money means you can buy the car from the shop and take the races and upgrade it to your heart’s content. The only drawback is that there is no unlimited money Need For Speed Heat money generator for you, and you will have to browse through the ranks to unlock lots of custom parts and performance options.

Need For Speed Heat money generator

  • Opponents max 4th gear
  • Refill nitro
  • Opponents max 3rd gear
  • Infinite nitro
  • Opponents max 2nd gear
  • Car godmode
  • Opponents max 1st gear

The MegaDev Trainer includes free and premium choices. The free option allows you to limit your opponents’ gear shifts, effectively stuck to 4th gear throughout the race. In the early or late half of the match, it is terribly helpful because many high-end vehicles have to get on 5th or 6th gear to really maximize their top-end power.

Naturally, other cheats will require a premium membership for the sake of using them such as no car damage or infinite nitro.

The cheat tool contains the following cheats for Need For Speed: Heat:

  • Freeze Nearby AI Drivers
  • Unlimited Nitrous Supply
  • No Damage To Cars
  • Reset Player Damage Meter
  • Reset Heat
  • Edit: Current Money

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