Free COD Points Online Generator 2021

Free COD Points Online Generator 2021 Call Of Duty Mobile in the latest version is an exciting and fun game. It’s a very realistic story, which keeps you hooked up until the game’s end. It’s a game for multiplayer and free modes can be provided and you can choose any model you want. You can even have various control options, like changing dresses or loaded arms and others, for your character. It can be a game packed with free will.


One of the main goals of the game is the CP 1921 mission. What happened at the last briefing must be learned and come back to the control room before terrorists can get their hands on nuclear power. There are different paths, such as left or right, gates, or a sniper rifle. You actually have various ways to carry out this task. I would, however, like to point out some important points that could facilitate it for you.

Free COD Points Online Generator 2021

First, look for the indices and items to let you know where the goal is. For instance, the next screen will tell you when you shoot a dead body on the BlackBox. Use binoculars while you walk around and look for something suspicious or out of place. Keep your eyes open for the doors leading up to the next part of the level, otherwise, you could miss a goal and fail. You could also watch out for people who are passing by. You will miss the goal if you’re too close.

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You can either stay indoors and try to sneak unrecognized and move to the roof for the attack. In this case, you are not aware of yourself. Of course, the latter one is recommended because in the course of the game there are more objectives. Do not forget to use your sniper rifle indoors because it is not as free as the other ones. While it seems easy, the Free COD Points Online Generator 2021 has its inconvenience.

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